New VWC Website Introduction

The Commission is proud and excited to introduce our new website which offers new features, enhancements, and many improvements compared to our existing site. We ask that you take some time to navigate the new site to familiarize yourself with its layout and functionality. If you have any questions, suggestions, or general comments, please take the time to use the VWC New Website Feedback Form to let us know your thoughts.

Our existing and new sites will be available simultaneously for all customers until August 11, 2014. Beginning August 11, 2014, this new site will replace the existing VWC site and all bookmarks and hyperlinks to VWC website resources will need to be updated. Please be aware that this transition will not affect WebFile in any way. We look forward to your input and suggestions.

New Website Improvements

  • Organization
    • Customer-specific pages with relevant forms, documents, and resources
    • Department-specific pages with relevant forms, documents, and resources
    • Links to key pages in framework of every page
    • Forms and Documents sortable by customer and popularity
  • User-Friendliness
    • Contact information on every page in header
    • WebFile links on relevant pages
    • Links to key pages in framework of every page
    • No hovering menus
    • Larger fonts
    • Special Notices on every page if necessary
  • Visual Appeal
    • No hovering menus
    • Larger fonts
    • Colors, logos, and banners match Commission approved branding

New Website Features

  • Updated Content Block - (New content updates appear on home page)
  • Popular Content Block - (Most popular content displays on home page)
  • WebFile Promotion – (New WebFile logo on relevant pages, dedicated WebFile page)
  • Special Notice Block – (Standard on every page or specific pages)